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Louisville Bird Control & Netting

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Having trouble with birds in Louisville KY? Louisville Pest Control Pros offers bird control and netting service for all properties in the local area. So if you are wanting to get in touch with an exterminator who specializes in bird control & removal, get in touch with us today. 

So if you are having trouble with geese, pigeons, sparrows, woodpeckers, or any of the common birds in Louisville, do not hesitate to give us  a call.

Controlling & Preventing Birds

Bird control has become a major concern since the start of the third millennium. The most common type of bird associated with bird control or netting is the Pigeon, also known as ‘rat with wings’. There are currently nearly a half billion pigeons around the world. If you are a homeowner or building owner with more than the average sight of pigeons, your establishment may require bird control services to properly relieve your place of living or business. In this article we will talk about how to identify if you have a bird problem, and how to take control of the situation. Not only do we take care of pigeons, but we also take care of woodpeckers, house sparrows, geese, and more. Call (502) 257-9885 to speak with Louisville Pest Control Pros now.

It’s rare to have a serious bird infestation inside the premise of a residential area. However, if you are a building owner or property manager, then you may in fact be putting your place of business at risk to a bird infestation. Birds, mostly pigeons, have a tendency to create a habitat-like atmosphere out of flat roofs, ledges, chimneys, roof-gutters, and other high secluded areas around your property. Pigeons have become increasingly reliant on the human disposal resources such as trash, which makes anywhere you travel prone to wild birds.

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Bird Control For Your Property In Louisville

Bird control is a job best left to the professionals with the know-how and experience. If you are like most people then you care about the well-being of wildlife, which is why you should turn to businesses such as the Louisville Pest Control Pros. The company specializes in bird netting in an effort to clean-up your property with a positive approach to preserving exterior life. Bird netting isn’t harmful to the birds because it simply requires installing a form of fencing to prohibit access to your building ledges, gutters, and other enclosed areas of the property.

A bird infestation is evident in most cases when the property allows more than 25mm of a space-gap on building entry points. If you notice an increasingly large amount of wild birds in your area then you should get in touch with the Louisville Pest Control Pros as soon as possible!

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