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Looking for mice control Louisville KY? Louisville Pest Control Pros offers miceĀ control service for all properties in the local area. So if you are wanting to get in touch with an exterminator who specializes in pest control for mice, get in touch with us today. We are a quality mice exterminator.

Mouse Removal & Mice Infestations

The first thing to understand if you have mice or rats at or near your residence is that the two rodents are distinguishable if not in size then by nature. Rats are one of the most cautious and intelligent rodents to deal with, however mice are on the curious side of the fence and will often investigate what appears new or appealing to them. Now that we’ve determined you may have a mice problem it’s time to start looking for an extermination company that works with mice control. Before we get you a mouse exterminator let’s first take the time to learn a little more about our adversary. Louisville Mice control is one of our main services here atĀ  Louisville Pest Control Pros.

The First aspect you need to grasp when you have a mice infestation is their diet. Mice particularly prefer grains of sorts and plants; because that is typically what’s in their path, and they literally eat or go through whatever is in their path, which is why the mice trap was invented. If you use a mice trap and it hasn’t been triggered, and you know you have a mice problem, then you didn’t set it in its path. It’s either that or you have a rat problem.

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Now that we know what mice eat, look for grains or plants in or near the house and set your traps. Mice will always post their nest as close as possible to a food source while remaining out of plain view. That means looking through kitchen cabinets where you have cereal, oatmeal, etc. and taking a deeper look into those areas. We are mice control Louisville KY experts, and we can help you today.

It’s important to take care of the problem asap by calling a mouse exterminator before female mice begin to breed. Healthy female mice can give birth to up to 60 mice per year, and that can be extremely detrimental to the health of your home and family.

If you are in need of mice control then you need to get in touch with the best over at Louisville Pest Control Pros. Mouse extermination can be a tricky and dangerous task, and it should only be pursued by a trained professional to ensure proper safety.

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