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Having trouble with moles in Louisville Ky? Louisville Pest Control Pros offers mole control service for all properties in the local area. So if you are wanting to get in touch with an exterminator who specializes in pest control for moles, get in touch with us today. 

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If you own a decent sized yard or garden then it is not a question if you will get a mole or rodent infestation, but when. And before you know it, mole removal or rodent removal will become a big priority in your life. There are several different species of moles, but the most common ones are the eastern mole. Unfortunately, their favorite foods include beetles, earthworms, ants, plant roots and some types of vegetables. On top of all this, moles are expert diggers and can create a large labyrinth of underground tunnels known as runways. Louisville Pest Control Pros can help you out with mole control in the Louisville KY area.

From all of this, it is easy to deduce why moles can quickly become very problematic for your garden. So how do you find out if your garden has a mole invasion? The first sign are mounds with holes in it, resembling a crater. They are capable of digging tunnels close to 20ft per hour! That means by the time you see a mole wandering around the garden, they have already done their damage and have settled in. A hectare can support up to 15 moles at a time. However, if you have a rodent or rat issues, then it becomes a health issue as well. Rodents not only destroy domestic items such as clothes and furniture, they can carry diseases as well.

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In both cases controlling them can be tricky. With moles, trapping is one of the most common ways to control them. With rats, closing off entry points into the house, setting up traps or even poison can do a pretty good job. Remember, the main reason rats try to enter the building is to look for food. If you have any food laying around the house, they will be able to smell it. If they smell it, they will do whatever it takes to enter the house. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed with a pest invasion, it means its time to get professional help. Professionals who are trained in mole removal and rodent removal, can bring pests back under control, and make you feel like you own your home and not the other way around.

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