Tips And Tricks To Remove Mice From Your Home

Mice love entering warm, cozy homes in the winter. When they are not eliminated and taken care of quickly, they can pose problems to your family. You wouldn´t want to put your family in a dangerous situation now, would you? It´s never too late to be proactive about mice prevention & removal. When it comes to getting rid of mice and rodents, the best defense is a good offense. Without straying away from the topic any further, here are some tips and tricks to remove mice from your home.

Tip 1: Do store-traps work? 

Well, store-traps are definitely worth a shot and are still mighty effective. With store-traps, you only need to add a little dab of peanut butter on the spring-loaded trap to lure the mice in. If you are looking for traps that are more discreet and little less out in the open, you can always purchase no view, no touch mousetraps. You will not have to bear witness to the agony of the mouse; you can simply toss the entire thing when the deed is done.

Tip 2: Natural methods 

You can also get rid of mice by using natural methods. You can use mice deterrents such as peppermint and used kitty litter to drive the mice away. Or, you can simply employ the services of a cat, rat terrier, or a rodent hunting dog.

Tip 3: Why you should consider hiring the services of a professional mouse exterminator

If you become unsuccessful in your attempts at removing mice from your home, you should consider hiring a mouse exterminator. The professional exterminator will be able to identify the prime hiding places of the mice, finding the source of your mouse problem in an instant. In addition to that, the professionals will also locate the areas of your home that serve as entry points for the mice and help seal up those areas.

Tip 4: Use poison

Although the method of removing mice from your home by using poison is considered controversial, it is a proven method nonetheless. However, you must follow several precautions when using poison to kill mice. For instance, you must not place the baiting stations out in the open, where it is accessible to your pets. You should also wear gloves when placing the bait. The mouse bait must always be placed in sealed bait stations.

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